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The Arrival :iconfoodpsycho:foodpsycho 0 2
Her Silver Arrow, Part 2
  The soldiers moved quickly.  Their lanterns flickered in the cold, sputtering dull light and shadows across the snow.  General Kallock glowered as he watched them return, all bunched together like helpless pups.
  "General, sir," Anders gasped, and saluted.  "The night grows colder, and the wind takes the lanterns out one by one, so that soon we will have no light.  We cannot continue, sir."
  Kallock's scowl took all of them in.  His men didn't dare shiver, though he could tell by their faces the chill had soaked into their bones.  Many had their teeth clenched to keep from chattering.
  "You call off my search, Anders?"  His deep voice reverberated with irritation, his gaze as piercing as the hunting knife strapped to his belt.
  "No, sir!  I merely…"  Anders shook snow off himself and gestured to the soldiers.  "The men are weak
:iconfoodpsycho:foodpsycho 0 0
The Snow Leopard
  Snow leopards cannot roar.  We cannot scream our frustrations to the roiling clouds, or the snow-strewn peaks.  If we could, would our cries be lost on the wind, a blistering flurry of needle-sharp snow that paints the mountainside and sweeps aside any weaknesses?  For only the strongest can survive the Peaks.
  We were once strong, but our numbers have dwindled.  Food is scarce.  Man invades our territories, as they have for centuries.  This time they hunt in packs.  It is a sport for them, to come after us.  Sometimes they wear us, a mockery far worse than killing.  If we kill, we do it only for our own survival.  We are not proud of it.
  I have killed five humans.  I still remember each man's distinct scent.  Sometimes I can even taste their hot blood spurting into my mouth.  It is a worse feeling than any imagining, but r
:iconfoodpsycho:foodpsycho 9 19
Before the Storm
  The rebels were coming, as promised.  Their ships – perhaps a dozen or so – appeared as tiny black flecks on a twilight canvass, distant enough that they seemed harmless.  But Mystrus had seen these ships up close: bulky war machines armed to their teeth, and so heavy that they groaned and shook when they flew.  In half an hour, they would be upon the colony.  It was time to rally her troops.
  Mystrus sighed and leaned back against the deck railing.  She sucked deeply on her cigarette and about an inch of it crinkled to ash.  She took pleasure in slowly blowing the smoke at the rebel ships.  For a moment they disappeared in the haze, but a huff of wind swept the cloud aside.
  Wouldn't want you disappearing on me now, she thought to herself.  That would be a disappointment.
  The breeze was warm and carried the bitter stench of Pomlarian top
:iconfoodpsycho:foodpsycho 4 7
Her Silver Arrow, Part 1
  Arrows rained down from the hazy sky with deadly speed; they hit the snow with a vicious crunch and disappeared completely, while more seemingly materialised in the mist overhead; the onslaught was endless.  Desperately half-crawling, half-digging through the deep snow, a young girl – not yet seventeen – tried to evade the falling sticks of death, though her arms were weak from shivering and the cold.  Her blue eyes, rimmed with ice, streamed tears that froze partway down her face; tangled and drenched with snow, her soft, purple hair flowed out from a dark grey beanie.  Then, with a puff of steam, her blue lips opened and a rasped cry came out.
  An arrow had found its target; she could feel the sudden, sharp pain searing in her shoulder, but not until she turned her head to look did she see that only the feathered end of the arrow was visible; the sharpened stone tip poked out the front, inches from her breast.  
:iconfoodpsycho:foodpsycho 2 18
My Little Emilie
With the simple pull of a trigger, my daughter's life fell away into nothingness; I felt like I even saw her thin, yellow lifeline shrivel and evaporate in the surrounding blackness.  But still, I clutched at her body, for all it was worth – and it was worth so very, very much, even now.
The splashing of the gunman's footsteps faded rapidly, till the only sounds were the rain, falling into its own puddles on the bitumen, and the sobbing of a broken father.
I held her to my breast; her blood was still warm, and the rain was steadily washing it away.  But I couldn't let go; I had to feel the last moment of warmth from this young, beautiful body I had so often held.  But even when she'd been asleep, and I'd carry her to her bed – she was so warm – she had a beating heart, a loving soul.  Oh, my beautiful Emilie…
The rain splashed down.  I wanted to hold onto her little body forever.  The police finally pried m
:iconfoodpsycho:foodpsycho 3 13
Solace -excerpt-
  Colonel Rastov witnessed the chaos from a distance, and already he was racing towards the action.  Unlike most of the soldiers, dazed and confused, he could see the Skruns surging onto the landing pad towards them.  He'd already dropped the heavy rocket launcher.  As he ran he fired blindly at the Skruns with his shotgun, and four of them tumbled over and disappeared under the charging, hissing, unstoppable wave.
  An unusual furrow deepened his brow.  This wasn't happening the way it was supposed to.  Why were the Skruns in such a position of advantage?  How had things come to this so quickly?!
  "My God..." Karos gasped.  The Skruns in the front lines leapt into the air, blotting out the sun, and they fell with horrific grace upon the bodies of the wounded soldiers and civilians below.  Karos watched helplessly as men and women, screaming with uncontrollable terror, tried t
:iconfoodpsycho:foodpsycho 2 16
Mature content
The Demon's Kiss: Chapter 5 :iconfoodpsycho:foodpsycho 1 8
The Demon's Kiss: Chapter 4
  I couldn’t do this anymore.
  My body turned to ice.  A soul-wrenching fear gripped me and shook my body like a rag doll in a blizzard.  My body was ready to give in; my mind was ready to shatter.
  Because there was blood, splattered across the school fence.
  I’d been teetering on the edge of sanity’s precipice all morning.  I’d clung to every hope I had that everything had been another nightmare, that it would all go away.  But when I went to have a shower, and I saw the Mark glistening black on my skin, I lost my grip.  I slumped against the tiled wall and cried.
  And yet somehow I didn’t fall all the way to the bottom.  I managed to hold on a bit longer and drag myself downstairs, yearning company, but I was greeted by a world of silence.  The tension from last night was so thick it acted like a sound barrier.  Mum, Greg, mys
:iconfoodpsycho:foodpsycho 0 9
Mature content
The Demon's Kiss: Chapter 2 :iconfoodpsycho:foodpsycho 0 9
The Demon's Kiss: Chapter 1
  I’ll never forgive the demons for what they did.  To me, to my family.  They left a hole in my heart, one that throbs with sorrow, aches for revenge.  One that can never heal.
  Dad goes on as if nothing happened.  That’s possibly the worst way to deal with it.  Soon it’s gonna catch up to him and hit him all at once at a million miles an hour.  When that happens, what shambles remain of our broken family will fall away.
  My older brother Greg acts in pretty much the same way, keeping it bottled up inside.  He was never one to talk about feelings – his or anyone else’s – but even more so now.  Mum holds her tears back.  She’ll never cry in front of us because she knows we’re trying hard not to upset her.  I’m sure she saves her tears for when she’s alone.  Who knows, maybe she cries at night when
:iconfoodpsycho:foodpsycho 0 12
nyu's Art Meme foodpsycho by foodpsycho nyu's Art Meme foodpsycho :iconfoodpsycho:foodpsycho 1 12
The Tower - Part 1
  Jet squinted accusingly at the strange, old church of Obaru.  This building certainly stood out from the black and grey structures around it; there was something classical about its neat brickwork and slanted tile roof.  A steel cross stood high atop the roof, silhouetted against the hazy, yellow-brown sky.  But there was something apart from the church’s obvious visible differences that made it appear so intimidating…
  With an indifferent shrug, Jet opened the large wooden door and went inside.  He immediately felt eyes on him, though the foyer was empty.  Dozens of pictures – interpretations of God – hung on the marble walls, and though they were all apparently of the same being, it was hard to see any similarities between them.  Jet poked his tongue out at one of the pictures hanging close to him, then giggled at the picture’s predictable lack of response.
  The serv
:iconfoodpsycho:foodpsycho 0 4
He held her small, sobbing body across his, stroking her head gently.  Under the cold, bitter night sky, their bodies shared a warmth that reached into their hearts.
Pete nuzzled against her ear and whispered, “I can feel your heart beating.”
Melina peered up at him, her face pale, her eyes yielding rivulets that trickled down her face, sparkling in the moonlight.  Her breathing was short and shallow yet remained controlled.  She managed a weak smile and said, “We have lost so many moments like these.”  She sniffed.  “I don’t remember what else I should say.”
“Then say nothing,” Pete said, his voice like the wind.  He leaned in and kissed Melina.
They remained that way for several moments, oblivious to the crickets chirping around them and the gentle swish of the trees.  When their lips parted (though reluctantly), Melina drew back across his lap.
“You’re crying,
:iconfoodpsycho:foodpsycho 0 6
Miscreant's Nightmare
When you are asleep,
Can you feel it in your dreams?
A scratching, in the background,
Beyond your cries,
Beyond your sin,
Deeper than anyone knows of
Or cares to believe in.
It lurks there like a virus,
Sometimes sleeping,
Never resting.
When you awaken from
A cold-sweat nightmare,
It’s there.
When you feel alone
And there is no one
To turn to and
Nowhere to run,
It twirls in
Fiery delight.
When you lie,
About to die,
Upon your conceited deathbed,
It blossoms like
A black rose;
More evil than
Death itself.
And it grows.
You must not seek it,
Must not unleash it;
For this demon you keep inside
Will not hide.
And if it comes to prime,
Not even God will save us
This time.
:iconfoodpsycho:foodpsycho 0 10
We go round.
Our hands
reach out to fate
before our face;
sliding over,
never grasping.
The soft
and a chime
and we go round again.
:iconfoodpsycho:foodpsycho 1 1

Random Favourites

Novel 2 - Chapter 28
Gilead looked terrified as he went over the railing. That filled Kerian with a kind of sadistic glee. Not that the angel didn't deserve it after all he'd done. It almost made Kerian feel justified. He watched Gilead fall, the angel's wing fluttering wildly and ineffectively. White feathers fell like snow from it. Blood trailed from Gilead's wounds, making him fall in a rain of his own gore.
The ledge, ten feet down. It had saved Kerian's life. It didn't help Gilead at all. Kerian had thought he could get him past it, but it didn't work out quite that way. Gilead's leg clipped the edge. Kerian heard a sharp snapping sound. Gilead's ankle suddenly twisted to a different angle. It was almost certainly shattered. Gilead's face contorted in pain.
Thankfully for him, that pain didn't last long. The ground was only seconds away, after all. Gilead landed with a dull thud. He didn't bounce, just landed flat and unmoving, almost right on top of the wing Kerian had cut away from him. A puddle of
:iconblack-hare:Black-Hare 1 1
Novel 2 - Chapter 27
Reika knew she was going to die. Everyone else had, after all. Erin lay almost at her feet. Alexander was little more than a heap in the corner. She wasn't really sure if he was alive or dead. Or if the terms alive and dead could even be applied to him. Gilead looked at her, death in his eyes. Reika adjusted her grip on her sword.
"It's really too bad you were corrupted by that demon." Gilead said. "You might have proved useful in my army." He could have lept at her, could have finished her in an instant. Instead, he waited, standing on that balcony. She knew he wanted her to attack. He wanted her to throw herself onto his blade. Maybe he thought that would make his crimes less by just that tiny amount, if he killed her defending himself.
"I would never join you." Reika managed to keep her voice steady. She weighed her options. She could fight, and she'd lose, or she could run away, and die at a later time. As long as Gilead was alive, she was doomed.
"It's too bad. Your parents were m
:iconblack-hare:Black-Hare 1 0
Novel 2 - Chapter 26
Reika looked at her hands. They were covered in blood. Her blood. Her brother's blood. Erin's blood. Her dress was stained thickly with it, a stain that seemed to reach right down into her soul. She was surrounded by death. If she had never gone looking for the sword she held, the sword that had been meant for her father, she wouldn't have been there. She would have been at home, blissfully unaware of it all.
That was how she had led most of her life, unaware of what was going on around her. She never asked questions, she never looked for a reason behind anything. She just accepted it. That was what she had been taught to do. To follow orders, to listen to her parents. Not that she saw her parents much. She ate one, maybe two meals a week with her mother, and only rarely saw her father. He was always off, doing something important.
She'd been raised by her brother, by her nannies. She'd never gone to school. She'd learned what her tutors had taught her. About respect, about loyalty. Mo
:iconblack-hare:Black-Hare 1 0
Eyes and God Anthology
Eyes and God, alone, entwine
And let the beast, again, be tame
Arm of Earth and legs of vine
The ending cometh, wreathed in flame
Ashes, ashes, Creeping crawl
And all at once the darkness grew
Spreading tendrils, long and deep
Engulfing light, the truth, and you
Eyes of rock, and heart of gray
A god, reborn, and time askew
Come, my tide, and wash away
And bring me something truly new
Eyes and God had reached beyond
And darkness spread, in love and pain
Sand astride the empty sea
That sat in rapture, lusting rain
Hatred, red, and burn within
And watch the pain, destroy in glee
Clouds of blue then rushed the sky
And Fists of Tears begot the Sea
Then, at once, the people stood
And shouts of triumph lit the sand
Waves of tears had rushed the floor
And drowned the people, God and land
Eyes and God had disappeared
And with it Time and Kingdom Come
Angels, born, of earthly fear with
Tears for all, and peace for some
Hatred boil, twist and burn
And heat the souls within The Deep
Writhing hands
:icononyxalibi:onyxalibi 16 38
Fire sunset - 01 by Kawanua Fire sunset - 01 :iconkawanua:Kawanua 3 5 crybaby wallpaper by attitudechick crybaby wallpaper :iconattitudechick:attitudechick 5 4
Novel 2 - Chapter 23
The prison was a forbidding structure. It seemed to loom over everything around it, and to cast a shadow even in that perpetual noon sun. At least, that's how it seemed to Reika. She knew that the others probably didn't see it as being much different than the other buildings. It took a trained eye to tell buildings apart in heaven. Of course, she reflected, it might have been all in her mind. She'd grown up fearing the place.
The front doors, open wide, led into a courtyard. It seemed empty. Kerian walked past Reika and went in first, motioning for everyone to stay where they were. She held her breath as he went inside, his blade drawn. The head of a spear jabbed at him from the side, obviously from an angel who had been hiding on the other side of the door. Reika gasped, and started running. Before she had even managed to get halfway there, Kerian had sidestepped the spear and cut the head free of the shaft with a single, sharp blow.
Kerian grabbed the spear shaft and yanked on it. Th
:iconblack-hare:Black-Hare 1 1
Aquarium by skin242 Aquarium :iconskin242:skin242 1,372 274 Advent Chibis by Artoki Advent Chibis :iconartoki:Artoki 4,169 594
Novel 2 - Chapter 16
They spent the night that way, chatting with each other about unimportant things. Kerian managed to enjoy himself, and so the time went quickly. When the sun finally came up, they threw dirt on the fire, smothering it, and got themselves ready to leave. That's when Kerian noticed the tracks. They were all around the campsite, just beyond the edge of where the light from the campfire had faded to nothing. They circled the campsite, like an animal pacing around, looking for a way out of a cage.
Or a way into one. Alexander walked up to him. Kerian motioned at the tracks.
"I heard them moving around all last night," Alexander said, his voice barely above a whisper. "They couldn't seem to get in, so I didn't want to frighten anyone."
"You made the right call," Kerian said. "Things here can feed on a person's emotions. Fear is one of the strongest."
"I couldn't see them, though."
"They might not have been real. They might have been just the ideas of monsters, waiting for us to give them ene
:iconblack-hare:Black-Hare 1 1
Novel 2 - Chapter 9
Kerian woke up in a cold sweat, his dreams having been plagued by horrible visions. Some of them had just been old memories. Others, the worse ones, were the way things could have been. The entire world, destroyed by warring armies. Fortresses rising up from plains covered in craters, mountain ranges reduced to rubble. Seas boiling, and the sky shrouded over by eternal black smoke. If humanity hadn't managed to get that treaty signed, the world could have been like that even now.
He looked out a window, partially to reassure himself that the sky was still blue, that the sun still shined. They did. He sighed, and got himself ready to face the day. He was already planning what he'd do with the money he'd earned. First, he'd put some aside to have the roof fixed. Then he'd pay the rent. He was sure that he would have enough left for food for a month, maybe even some new clothing. He knew that he couldn't really afford to save money.
He really hoped that he wouldn't have to go out with his
:iconblack-hare:Black-Hare 1 1
The Girl from Myst by Parororo The Girl from Myst :iconparororo:Parororo 2,793 688 Gaara Sexy No Jutsu coloured by attitudechick Gaara Sexy No Jutsu coloured :iconattitudechick:attitudechick 57 20 Naruto: Rambling by Kirika-chan
Mature content
Naruto: Rambling :iconkirika-chan:Kirika-chan 9,890 3,913



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Artist | Literature
Hey there! I write weird and emotional short stories, and long fantasy epics.

I currently live in Thailand and spend my free time reading/writing, studying Thai, and ordering "how to write" books off Amazon. I really want to be published someday, but I need your help and advice to get me there. Every tidbit from every person is appreciated!

Oh, and I keep a travel blog.
  • Listening to: Bjork, Zoids OST, Sigur Ros, Radiohead
  • Reading: Empire of Ivory, Writing the Breakout Novel
  • Watching: Game of Thrones
Do you willingly follow the lead of the wild, tempestuous muse inside you?  Or are you afraid of where it will take you?

I wish we could all say we fall into the former category, but do you find you sometimes hold back in your writing?  It's all too easy to wonder what other people may think about certain themes, images, ideas conjured by our immature muse.  After all, the audience will accredit such ideas to "who you truly are"... because if your muse comes up with these twisted ideas, it must mean that you are twisted too.  Deep down inside.

It's scary.  The word "fiction" means nothing to them.

This is my challenge: to have an emotional honesty with my muse.  No one becomes successful from holding back.  And it's hard to write when your muse is on a leash.

If you're not already, I challenge all my fellow writers out there to do the same.  Find that emotional core in your writing and don't shy away from it.  I've read some wonderful fiction here recently by people far ahead of me on this front.  I would love to read more.

For me, it means I have some catching up to do.

And a muse to follow.


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